Addressing the enormous demand for affordable housing, we support and develop sustainable, affordable, and compassionate housing initiatives. On the 15th of September, Grow Calgary is hosting an open exhibition to showcase microhomes that have been constructed by our committed teams as part of Canada’s 1st Microhome Design/Build Competition.

There will be over 10 unique homes, each with a different take on the optimal utilization of 100 square feet of living space. We aim to bring applied research, attention, visibility and engagement to good design around affordable, energy and resource efficient, aesthetically pleasing microhomes and to create an opportunity for designers to feature their microhome design concepts.

A microhome is a small dwelling typically between 100 – 500 square feet. The microhome movement is a commitment to minimalistic, sustainable, and affordable living. Traditional housing is excessive in its nature and the utilization of space tends to reflect the desire of materialistic possession, rather than nurture an efficient living environment. When downsizing to a microhome, the excessive non-essential aspects of traditional dwellings are cut out, which reduces the environmental footprint of the dwellings construction and operation. Building on to the benefits, a smaller house is significantly more affordable and the financial investment to own a microhome is comparable to buying a car.

Unfortunately, microhomes do not have a place within the provincial building code and local zoning bylaws. Through Grow Calgary’s competition we want to showcase the viability of a microhome as a sustainable, affordable, comfortable, compassionate living space and to make a case for a re-evaluation of how microhomes fit within the local and provincial regulatory framework.

All members of trade associations, the housing construction sector, developers, social agencies that deal directly with homeless populations, affordable housing advocates, the general public and the media are welcome to attend, free of charge.

We have a volunteer drop-in session happening on Sunday, July 29th to help 5th Element Management’s team build their microhome! Head over to our contact page ASAP to sign up as a volunteer – we have limited spots available!

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